Zum Heiligen Stein

Zum Heiligen Stein

Our exhibitor Zum Heiligen Stein:

In 2010 Zum Heiligen Stein started with a restaurant and ist own flock of sheep and quickly began sell homemade products to guests. Very exciting was the initial testing phase, trying different pestos, eggnog and elderflower syrup At some point, ketchup was added almost by accident. Actually, Zum Heiligen Stein tried to market he lamb in the restaurant and offered a lamb sausage as a curry sauasage. Te sausage was very well received and the guests were delighted. However, afterwards the guest did not want to buy the sausage, They wanted to buy the ketchup which was served with the sausage as a curry sauce.Thus, by chance, the ketchup – Zum Heiligen Stein – was born.

After that, Zum Heiligen Stein started to fill up the ketchup into glasses and to ell it tot he guests. In 2017 they approached the first retailers and the ketchup went down great there too. In the meantime, the ketchup is on the shelves of more than 400 resellers throughout Germany and can also be ordered via the online shops.

Wether mild, spicy, hot, smokey or even truffle-like – the ketchup from Zum Heiligen Stein is available in various degrees of heat and unusual flavors!

New products for 2023:


Difference to the competition:

a) Tomatoes from Northern Italy

The tomatoes come directly from Piedmont. For 100g of ketchup, a whole 400g of tomatoes are used.

b.) Glass instead of plastic

The delicatessen product is filled in a beautiful glass and is a must for every table.

c.) Raw cane sugar

The raw cane sugar is a completely pure product that has not been refined. It has a slight caramel taste.

d.) High percentage of spices

The flavor explosion of the ketchups is enhanced by the high percentage of pure spices. The curry flavor makes the taste buds jubilant.

e.) No thickeners

Due to the high proportion of tomato paste, no thickeners are used at all.

f.) 100% vegan

Only vegan ingredients are used.