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Exclusive and professional – with many years’ experience in the organisation of trade fairs, MUVEO GmbH has created an event in gardiente that is tailored to the needs of the industry.

Jens Frey

Managing Director
T +49 69 6300 92-44
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Verena Westphal

Project Management gardiente
T +49 69 6300 92-60
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Laura Schildknecht

T +49 69 6300 92-65
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Theresa Mertz

Marketing & Communications | Press
T +49 69 6300 92-60
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gardiente is organised by MUVEO GmbH.

MUVEO GmbH, the wholly owned subsidiary of CDH Mitte (Wirtschaftsverband für Handelsvermittlung u. Vertrieb Hessen, Thüringen und Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.) has been a successful player in the trade fair business for over 60 years. The exhibition formats – which carefully target specific areas of the industry – are designed to meet the bespoken needs of each sector. The company´s sucess is built on close and collaborative cooperation with all the stakeholders. Since the establishment in 1997 of INNATEX, Europe´s leading trade fair for sustainable textiles, MUVEO GmbH has been committed to sustainability in event organisation.

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